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National Union Of Nigerian

Associations In Italy

N.U.N.A.I. for the interest of Nigerians in Italy.




Posted on July 20, 2015 at 7:30 AM







His Excellency, Ambassador Eric Tonye Aworabhi Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Italy, ministers, Embassy staffs, presidents of Nigerian communities, ex NUNAI president, fellow member ofNUNAI executive, ladies and gentlemen.


I stand here today humbled by the task before us and grateful for the trust Nigerians has bestowed on us by the election of 8th December 2012. I thank the out going executive council and every Nigerian who contributed to the success of the election. Importantly, we wish to thank the Nigerian Embassy Rome for not only observing the election but worked very hard to see that the election was held and a new and credible executive elected.


His Excellency, fellow Nigerians, before I begin the expression of those thoughts that I deem appropriate to this moment, would you permit me the privilege of uttering a little private prayer of my own;


Almighty God, give us the power to discern clearly right from wrong, and allow all our words and actions to be governed thereby by the love for our father land and respect for the law of this land. Especially, we pray that our concern shall be for all the people regardless of state, creed, ethnic or religion. We pray this O lord with thanks giving. Amen



By the election held in December 2012, Nigerians in Italy have expressed their will and expect much from us and from the Nigerian Embassy. It’s a welcome fact that NUNAI cannot do much without the Nigerian embassy just as the Embassy cannot do much without Nigerians and it coordinating associations (NUNAI). We need each other to render the desire services to Nigerians in Italy.


For every where we look,there is work to be done. We are like a ship; a ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. It is meant to sail even in stormy and turbulent times. The executive met and to ensure the ship sail glowingly, below are our goals.


- Creation of data base for all Nigerians in Italy will be one of our primary concerns. Today, nobody can give the exact figure of the population of Nigerians in Italy. This might explain for the short fall of material and human resources sent from the ministry of external affairs to the Nigerian Embassy inItaly. Therefore, we will work with the embassy to create a data base for Nigerians in Italy.


- In the last twenty years, Nigerians have always agitated for creation of one or more consulate to supplement the Nigerian embassy in Rome. We wish to reiterate here the creation of two additional consular offices, one in Milan and the other in Palermo. This will reduce the work load of the Nigerian embassy in Rome.


- Let me use this medium to thank His Excellency and the entire Embassy staffs for the improvement in consular service here at the mission. But a lot still need to be done and that we are proposing the creation of NUNAI desk at the Embassy to help Nigerians with services that tout are now using to exploit Nigerians. Secondly, the NUNAI desk should act as an agency responsible for the postage of all passports and other documents like thumb prints sent from various Questura. Italy is a big country and longitudinal and this makes it difficult for lot of Nigerians to come to the Embassy to collect these documents personally. Presently this service is being handled by unregistered Nigerian individuals. There have been series of reported cases of undelivered passports which resulted in great loses to Nigerians. Passport is a security document that must not be allowed to go into indiscriminate hands.


- We are deeply concern with the way the Italian Embassy in Nigeria EXPLOIT Nigerians who approach it for validation of documents. Presently it cost an average of a thousand euro (€1000) to get a document authenticated in Nigeria.We are currently preparing a document to be presented to the committee for Nigerians in Diaspora in the Nigerian house of representative to help query the relevance of this excessive cost. Our investigation has revealed that such cost and procedures are not requested in other countries except in Nigeria. We implore the Nigerian embassy to help in this regards.


- His Excellency, permit me to use this occasion also to observe and query an observation in the Nigerian passport issued at the embassy. It has been observed that ITALY is generally written as place of birth in the passport of children born here in Italy. While the city of birth are written as place of birth for same children whose passports are issued outside this mission. The embassy can review this issue and make correction if necessary.


- In this short period of the existence of new NUNAI executive, we have been flooded with complaints of arbitrary deportation and unjust incarceration of Nigerians in Italy. The accord signed on the 17th of February 2009 by the then Nigerian Inspector General of police Mike Okiro and Antonio Manganelli, head of Italian police was to fight illegal immigration linked with criminal activities. But now there are reported cases of Nigerians whisked from their houses and taking to the deportation camps. We therefore plead with the embassy to study individual cases before signing their deportation papers.


- Above all NUNAI intends to collaborate with the Embassy in the facilitation of business and Economic conferences to stimulate business for Nigeria. We are also working assiduously towards the resuscitation of theNigerian – Italian chamber of commerce.


- Nigerians in Italy are faced with problems of civic integration and the new law in Italy requires immigrants to learn the Italian language or stand the risk of losing their residence permit. Therefore, we have proposed a programme for Nigerians on the importance of integrating to the host community. Cultural activities are also to been couraged in our various communities.


- Lastly we wish to appeal to his Excellency to revisit the affected victims of the last earthquake. There are reports of some neglected cases.


- In all therefore, to embark on this journey we humbly request his Excellency a subvention or a take off fund to enable us begin this great journey. We are quite aware that it’s not the duty of the embassy to fund NUNAI but there is little or nothing we can do without a take off fund. As we all know mothers chew solid food for babies before they grow strong teeth to feed themselves.


Nevertheless, we are quite aware that this challenge may not be easy, but it is not impossible. We are so daring for only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly


As I conclude, let me leave you with this words from John Howard Payne “Mid pleasures and places though we may roam, be it ever so humble; there is no place like home


Thank you.


Good bless you all,


God bless NUNAI,


God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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