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National Union Of Nigerian

Associations In Italy

N.U.N.A.I. for the interest of Nigerians in Italy.




Posted on October 7, 2015 at 3:45 AM



Ms Angela Nworgu – Minister (Passport and Immigration) Embassy of Nigeria, Rome

Fellow Nigerians,

I welcome you to this meeting in this Historic city of Solferino (Mantova). The choice of this city is informed out of the historic nature of the city. HISTORY The battle of Solferino (24 June 1859. Until the middle of the 19th century, there were no organized and well-established army nursing systems for casualties and no safe and protected institutions to accommodate and treat those who were wounded on the battlefield. In June 1859, the Swiss businessman Henry Dunant travelled to Italy to meet French emperor Napoléon III with the intention of discussing difficulties in conducting business in Algeria, at that time occupied by France. When he arrived in the small town of Solferino on the evening of 24 June, he witnessed the Battle of Solferino, an engagement in the Franco-Austrian War. In a single day, about 40,000 soldiers on both sides died or were left wounded on the field. Henry Dunant was shocked by the terrible aftermath of the battle, the suffering of the wounded soldiers, and the near-total lack of medical attendance and basic care Horrified by the suffering of wounded soldiers left on the battlefield, Dunant set about a process that led to the Geneva Convention and the establishment of the International Red Cross.

However, on December 8 and in the city of Verona, Nigerians from all over Italy came together to give us opportunity to serve them. The election of 2013 brought together people with differences in opinion and principles but resolved to work together in unity by the love and desire to give the best of ourselves to Nigerians. In the last three years, we have met severally to discuss problems of Nigerians in Italy. Not only did we discuss problems, we also drew programmes that will benefit both Nigerians here in Italy and our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. Among them was

the Economic conference project, which was aimed at uniting Nigerian and Italian investors in order to create investment in Nigeria.

- Registration and creation of data base for Nigerians in Italy

- Agitation for two or more consulates in Italy

- Intervention in the exploitation of Nigerians by the Italian embassy in Nigeria through authentication of documents

- Arbitrary and unjust incarceration and deportation of Nigerians as against the agreement signed by Italy and Nigeria in 2009.

- Above all the creation of NUNAI desk at the embassy. This we hope will help to facilitate the processing of documents thereby eliminating the activities of the Touts around the mission.

As you already known, we are just ordinary Nigerians faced with extraordinary task. But sometimes most ordinary things could be made extraordinary simply by doing them with the right people. In this regard, NUNAI have been left as an island, without support from the embassy and neither did we get cooperation from the local associations. As I speak some associations are yet to pay a cent as part of their responsibility to the national body. In spite of these setbacks, we tried individually and collectively to achieve some of our laid down objectives. The president, the vice president and the secretary on different occasions travelled to Nigeria to meet with different federal institutions, organization and the Italian consulate general

Nevertheless, we want to thank you all for coming to this meeting and we implore everyone to continuously to work together. As I stated in my inaugural speech, we are aware that this challenge was never going to be easy and really it has not be easy. There had been setbacks and false starts, there are many who did not agree with every decision or policy we made. We also quiet aware that we may not have been able to satisfy every desire of all Nigerians in Italy. But, Let it be known progress has been made because coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Long live NUNAI

Long live the federal republic of Nigeria


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